The Surprising Benefits Of Auto Window Tinting

22 07 2011

Having your vehicle’s windows tinted certainly adds a bit of pizzazz and flavor to your car, truck or SUV, but there is no shortage of additional very good, very sensible reasons to have film installed. Not only does auto window tinting keep you cooler during those hot, summertime days, but it will also help preserve your automobile’s resale price, make it safer to drive, and even guard the future well-being of you and your passengers.

The following is a brief summary of just a few of the major advantages that you and your vehicle can receive after installing high quality, custom window tinting film.

Shield Your Vehicle’s Inside

The sun are tough on your vehicle’s inner surfaces – particularly during the summer months. From drying out and splitting your dash panel, to darkening and hardening leather seats, to discoloring cloth fabrics, ultra violet rays take a hefty toll on your vehicle over time.

However, by adding top-quality tinting film to your automobile windows, you can filter out as much as 95% of these damaging rays. This not just helps keep your car looking new on the inside, but also can help preserve its resale price if you ever choose to sell it.

Protect Your Skin

As harmful as the sun’s unfiltered UV light is for your automobile’s inner surfaces, it’s even more detrimental for your skin. Although most of us know to cover our bodies with sunscreen when we’re outside for extended periods of time, very few people consider to do this while they are on a lengthy afternoon drive.

The truth of the matter is, you could just as readily fall victim to overexposure to sunlight while driving as you can when working outdoors or laying at the beach. That very same top-quality window tint film that helps to protect your car or truck is also protecting you as it keeps you cool.

Turn Off The AC, Cut Costs On Gasoline

Even with these energy-conscious days we live in, when a lot of of us are thinking about lowering our gasoline use, too many people are not aware that using the AC can reduce their motor vehicle’s gas mileage by as much as three miles per gallon. Once again, however, auto window tinting film provides a remedy to the problem.

By helping make your automobile’s interior as much as 60% cooler, professional-quality window tint film can keep you cool enough that you will not have to use the air conditioner – even during the most sweltering of summer days.

Enhanced Safety

Though not too many people give it much thought, if they are aware of it at all, tinted windows offer up protection against a lot more than just damaging UV rays. It also makes your car or truck safer to drive, and more unlikely to fall victim to theft. Consider the following points…

  • As any police officer can tell you, glare from the sun is a significant factor in a great many daytime automobile accidents, and glare from headlights has a comparable impact on night drivers. Properly-tinted windows can help eliminate this issue, while simultaneously preventing your auto’s window glass from breaking into thousands of sharp fragments if you should get into an accident.
  • Tinted windows are also a known discouraging factor to break-ins as many car thieves avoid messing with vehicles that they are unable to see into.

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So, who am I and why am I blogging about window tinting you’re probably wondering. Right? Well, my name is Ayla and I’m a professional auto window tint installer in Southern California. I learned to do window tinting in Oceanside, CA from an uncle who has been doing it for years, and wound up getting pretty good at it by the time I graduated from high school. Now I work for a local mobile tinting company as one of its top installers and use my earnings to pay my way through college. Because I also love to blog, I decided to start blogging about this unusual passion of mine. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog!